07 October 2009

The plans of mice... (Year 3, Day 43)

... and men.

The blog has been and will be down for a bit. I'm predicting until next week Wednesday.

After making plans to keep this blog up consistently for the remainder of the year, I was hit by an Attack of the Schedule from Plan 9. Here's what happened:
  • Thursday-Sunday: 4 days of going into a food coma for Chuseok with my host family, including more hours than I would like to count sitting on a bus floor for the trip home. (Chuseok will be the main feature of next week's postings, I promise!)
  • Monday onward: Playing catch-up all week with lesson planning.
  • Tuesday-Wednesday: Working on applications for my program's winter camp and graduate school. Also, hosting a dear friend who is finally making a trip back to the great yonder (America) next week. (There weren't any passing of robes or chariots of fire, but we did stand on the sand by the water's edge.)
  • Thursday-Monday: Preparing for and participating in the program's fall conference.
Verily the Plan 9 reference is not non sequitur. (Does that make it sequitur?) My schedule has risen up and taken on a life of its own. It hobbles towards me with great moaning and anticipation at feeding on my flesh to keep me from those things which I would accomplish!

To be less melodramatic, I've been busy. My apologies to any unlikely loyal fans I may have. I shall do better in the future, but for now, I'm taking the week off. Tootles!

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